Based in London.

Designer and creative workshop host.

Moss 2022

Working together with Lewis Baxter, Moss

aims to create playful spatial interventions, from the little objects to the large. With material and technical experimentation playing a significant role, the work that emerges retains a candid and intuitive aspect, sometimes staying in the speculative sphere. Inspiration ranges from the simplicity of Jasper Morrison, the ingenuity of Sam Chermayeff, the surprises of Soft Baroque or Max Lamb.

ilco 2018-2021

ilco is an art and design practice with Koa Pham. Focused on increasing people’s wellbeing through the environment they live in and experience daily, ilco fills it up with playful and thought-provoking objects and furniture. The therapeutic benefits of the arts is made casual and accessbile through the demystification of the ‘holly artwork’. Merging art with design, ilco creates works that have both spiritual and practical functions.

ilco won the UAL Creative Entreprise Award in Artist / Maker category in June 2019.